I went to see the Alien prequel (but not Alien prequel) yesterday and it has left me with many unanswered questions, the biggest one being "can I unwatch a film?".

I love the alien series but it has been watered down so much now that the creatures are no longer scary. I went into the cinema hoping Prometheus would jump start the series again, give the xenomorph's the respect they deserve, and make up for Aliens Vs Predator – but it didn't ... it simply watered down the mysteries that surround the mythology of the series and made me die a little inside.

I was always amazed by the space jockey in the first Alien film, and now I know why ... because it was a mystery and an enigma, I could put the pieces together in my own mind, and it was spectacular.

***Spoiler alert***

Now that I know the space jockey used a f**king magic flute to fly I don't give a flying flute about Space jockeys.

***end of Spoiler***

Anyway, I could moan all day long (and I have been) but the fact is that the fans asked for answers and we got them .. kind of. Actually we got more questions and a confusing origin story. I'm starting to moan again.

Michael Fassbender was brilliant as the Synthetic David and the set pieces look amazing. But the rest of the film was like losing your virginity – a confusing fumble in the dark. A veteran like Ridley Scott should have been better (at making movies, not taking virginities). But it just wasn't good, it was stupid. Stupid. STUPID.

Well done Ridley Scott – you've just created Alien: Episode one: The phantom menace.

alien episode 1. Prometheus
Posted by: Smolemon at 21:30:26 25th Jun 2012


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